Terrible as the Dawn

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Terrible as the Dawn is alienated from everyone and everything and aims to express this raw emotion through heavy music.

Terrible as the Dawn began as the collaboration between two emotionally frustrated biologists, Stephen Smith (drums, vocals) and Caroline Fukuchi (guitar, vocals). Both in the midst of personal strife, the two quickly became fully engrossed in their music after discovering their shared musical interests and uncannily similar worldviews. With both possessing broad musical backgrounds, the pair referred to their longstanding passion for hardcore and metal in creating the musical vision for Terrible as the Dawn to capture the emotional intensity and urgency that is fundamental to their personalities. Initially formed as a straightforward punk band, Smith and Fukuchi's strong compatibility and creative ambition quickly drove them to develop a unified musical vision incorporating elements of grindcore, post-metal, and indie rock. Their sound provides the foundation upon which the pair explore the intense emotional extremes and social discomfort underlying each of their lives.